Goodwick Town Councillors


Cllr. Edward Perkins

Cllr. Perkins is Chairman of the Planning Committee

Cllr. Perkins is a co-opted councillor

Email address:  edward@edward

Telephone: 07974 754089


Cllr. Dani O’Connor

Cllr. O’Connor is a co-opted councillor.

Cllr. O’Connor is Vice Chair of the Events and Projects Committee
and on the Goverance Committee

Email address:

Cllr. Clare Mallone-Hallett

Cllr. Mallone-Hallett is a co-opted councillor.

Cllr. Malone-Hallett is on the Events Committee and the Planning Committee

Email address:

Cllr. Jacqueline Stokes

Cllr. Stokes is a co-opted councillor.

Cllr. Stokes in on the Finance Commitee

Email address: